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The Rewards of Remodeling a Fixer-Upper

Three Tips for Selling Your Home in a Transitional Market

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When you are trying to sell your house, it’s important to recognize which type of market you are in. There are two major types of markets in real estate, buyer’s and seller’s. The first advantages buyers while the second advantages sellers. However, in between these two waves, there is a transitional market. Selling your house in a transitional market can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips to help you. 1. Figure out where the market is going and where it has been. To successfully navigate a transitional market, you need to figure out where the market has been and where it is going. Namely, is it transitioning from a seller’s market to a buyer’s market or vice versa? Once you determine the direction, you will need to act accordingly. For example, if the market is shifting to a seller’s market, wait a few months before listing your house if you can because you’re likely to garner a higher price if you wait until the market benefits sellers. Alternatively, if the market is transitioning to a buyer’s market, price your house carefully, market it aggressively, and be ready to sell its most compelling features as if you were in a seller’s market. 2. Be attentive to fair market value. With buyer’s or seller’s markets, prices tend to go up and down precipitously depending on supply and demand. However, in transitional markets, prices tend to stay closer to their fair market value (FMV). That means if you have a recent assessment from the property tax assessor, from a lender, or from any other type of property-value assessor, you should take that price into consideration when determining what price to assign to your home. Negotiations tend to stall during a transitional market, as neither the buyer nor the seller has the clear advantage, and as a result, you should just set the price at what you want. If you set it too high in hopes of getting more money, buyers may just find another real-estate option to explore, and they may simply overlook your property. 3. Work with a real-estate agent. Finally, whether you are navigating a transitional market or a buyer’s or seller’s market, you should consider working with a real-estate agent. They can help you figure out the nuances of the market in terms of pricing. They can also help you market your property and connect you to prospective...

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4 Tips For Snagging A Great Apartment With Bad Credit

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If you live in a city with a tight rental market, you may find yourself competing against many other prospective renters when you apply to live in a place like Meadowdale Apartments. If you have less than stellar credit, you may begin to feel hopeless and wonder if any landlord will choose your application when they can instead rent to someone with a higher credit score. Luckily, there are specific things you can do to boost your chances of snagging the apartment you really want, even with bad credit. Here are four ideas: Come Clean If you apply for an apartment and the landlord says they are going to run a credit check, take this opportunity to be upfront about your lower credit score, either in person or in an email. Explain a bit of any extenuating circumstances that caused your credit to take a hit (a period of unemployment or a divorce, for example) and mention that you are working hard to repair your credit. Your potential landlord will most likely respect your integrity and be less surprised by any negative information that pops up on your credit report. Have Landlord References Handy Landlords are reassured when they hear from fellow landlords that you have been a model tenant and paid rent on time. Instead of just handing over phone numbers, ask a couple of previous landlords you have a good history with to write a short, positive letter of reference for you, then include these letters with your rental application. Save Up Extra Money It can be worthwhile to take a bit longer to look for a new apartment and save up as much extra money as possible in the meantime. This may mean working a part-time job on the weekends, freelancing on the side, or living with family for free or reduced rent for a while. If you have a good cushion of savings you can easily offer to pay a larger deposit or even pay a few months’ rent in advance to give your potential landlord more incentive to choose you as a tenant. Find a Place Through Friends and Family You may have better luck finding a less stringent landlord if you go through informal channels. Let your friends and family know that you are seeking a rental and what your budget and requirements are. If someone you know well happens to know of a place and recommend you, the landlord may skip over the formality of a credit check or place less emphasis on its importance. By following these tips, you can help ensure that you get a great apartment even while you’re working on repairing your...

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4 Little-Known Things To Check When Apartment Hunting

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Looking for an apartment can come with a lot of added stress due to your concerns over finding the perfect place to live. With the right tips, however, you can make sure that you end up with an apartment that you’re happy with. By knowing what to look for and what to avoid, you can actually enjoy the apartment hunting process and end up with the perfect place. Bring a Socket Tester to Test the Outlets It can be frustrating to move into an apartment and begin setting up all of your belongings, only to find out that one of the electrical sockets doesn’t work. This can be a major problem when you consider how many electronics the average person has. Luckily, you can make sure that the apartments electrical outlets all work fine with the use of a socket tester that can be plugged into each outlet. Ask if Handyman Services Are Local When you live in an apartment for an extended period of time, it’s likely that you’ll need repair work at some point. Whether minor or major, it’s important that you can get the repairs done in a timely manner. When meeting with the landlord or property manager, you should ask whether handyman services are taken care of by someone locally so that you can get an idea of how long you’ll need to wait for repair requests. Check the Sinks and Shower Drains Another lesser checked area of the apartment that you should test before signing the paperwork is the sinks and shower drains. It can be frustrating to fill up the sink while doing the dishes or taking a shower, only to discover that the drains don’t work well. Filling up these water fixtures and letting them drain while apartment hunting can help give you a clear idea of whether they work as intended. Look for Signs of Pest Control While you want to make sure that the apartment has had pest control taken care of, there are some signs of pest control that could be a cause for concern. If you notice that roach pest control is sprinkled around the kitchen or that there are any signs of a recent pest infestation, you may want to be wary about the apartment. Having a list of things to check when apartment hunting can help you take care of searching for the perfect apartment with a clear mind and prevent stress that could be avoided. For more information on property rentals, check with companies like Management...

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4 Tips For Buying Properties For Sale

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In order to get all that you can from your household purchase, it will boil down to understanding some key points that will make the process as smooth as possible. There are a lot of homes for sale in your area that you can purchase, so you will need to understand some of the most important guidelines for getting this done. With these points below, take advantage of these four guidelines in order to get the property for sale that you need. Look into your finances and credit score first Prior to reaching out to any real estate agents or checking into properties, you should both check your credit and assess your assets and liabilities. By having your credit score in order, you will be able to find the best terms and rates that you require. You should also make sure that you assess both what you own and what you owe, in order to do your due diligence in finding the home that you need, while being able to close on it under your terms. Seek pre-approval whenever possible When you want to be sure that you can pay for your household with no issues, the best thing you can do is receive pre-approval. By doing business with the right bank or credit union, you will have the opportunity to seek pre-approval so that it opens up your shopping process and lets you know exactly what you will be able to afford. Without pre-approval, you are shopping blindly and may have to go back and redirect your efforts. Factor in the overall fees You will end up paying far more than the cost of the house, so be sure that you understand other costs, including closing costs, down payment, HOA fees and more. For example, if you end up closing on a home that costs $200,000, you may pay upwards of $4000 in closing costs. Understanding these fees ahead of time lets you budget accordingly and provides yourself with all that you need to shop for your house. Hire the right real estate agent Anytime you are looking into properties for sale, the real estate agent that you hire will be especially important. Doing this will put your mind at ease and allow you to find any property that you need, in a way that makes the most sense for your lifestyle. They will open you up to different listings and will help you negotiate closing costs, sign contracts and more. For more information, contact real estate companies, like...

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3 Tips For Making Your House Appealing To More People When Selling

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Selling your house can be very stressful. Many people need to sell their house quickly, but they don’t understand how to get their house to appeal to more buyers. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to make your house more appealing to the masses. Here are some tips. 1. Get Rid Of Personal Items One of the biggest mistakes people make is keeping their house personalized to their family and their beliefs. For instance, if you are especially religious, you should take down pictures, keepsakes, and any other things that might point to your beliefs. This could turn people away who might not feel the same way that you do. Not because they don’t believe the same as you, but because it will make it hard for them to envision themselves in the house. This also applies to family pictures and decorations. Replace them with some simple and generic decorations; this will go a long way. 2. Keep Colors Neutral If you choose to touch up paint colors, or change anything, make sure that you keep it as neutral as possible. Although you may love yellow as a wall color, it is a specific taste. If a potential buyer looks at your house and sees colors and things that they want to change, even if it is a simple fix, it might appear to be a big problem and because of this the buyer will either lose interest, or put in a lower offer because they think it will need a lot of work to fit their needs. If you keep it neutral it will help the buyer to envision himself or herself moving in without having to change anything right away. Although they might want to do different things, so long as the house is neutral, they don’t have to make changes right away. 3. Take Care Of The Yard A simple, overgrown yard could turn potential buyers away. The outside of the house is the first impression the buyer will have of your house. This is why it is so important that it is good and appealing. Although it might be a simple mowing job that needs to be done, if the house looks unkempt it might make the buyer think that there is more work that needs to be done. For this reason, have a good landscaper take care of the yard while you are trying to sell it. By doing these simple things you will improve your chances of selling your home. For further assistance, contact a local real estate...

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2 First-Time Home Buyer Mistakes To Avoid And How To Avoid Them

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Investing in real estate can be an overwhelming process, but buying your first home can affect you physically, emotionally, and financially. From the long packing and relocation process to the whirlwind of emotions that accompany buying real estate, it is easy to see the challenges of buying your first home. If you are part of the 33 percent of first-time buyers shopping for their first home, use this guide of common mistakes to make your purchase a successful one. Buying More Than you Can Afford Unless you have the cash, you will most likely need a mortgage to purchase your first home. Banks will utilize your credit report and a statement of assets to determine the amount of home you can afford. However, mortgage companies will not take hidden financial obligations into consideration. To determine how much house you really can afford, make a list of all of your bills and expenses. Be sure to include the following, if they apply to you: Auto Loans Recreational Vehicle Loan Student Loans Utilities Child Support/Spousal Support Payments Health Insurance/Medical Expenses Auto/Life Insurance Groceries Transportation Costs – Gas, Maintenance, Taxes Retirement Account Vacation Savings You should also include potential costs associated with the purchase of your first home. Homeowner’s insurance, taxes, and homeowner’s association fees should all be accounted for in your budget. Since many of these expenses occur periodically through the year, you and your mortgage company may not place enough emphasis on them. Having your bills and expenses written out or added to a spreadsheet will give you a more clear understanding on how much house you can realistically afford to purchase. Skipping the Inspection After finding the house you can afford to purchase, you may feel overly excited to close on the deal. This excitement leads to many buyers foregoing an inspection of the home. In addition to the excitement of closing on the home, many first time buyers prefer to save the $300 to $400 cost of hiring an inspector. Unfortunately, this savings can lead to enormous financial issues in the future. Hiring a home inspector is smart to ensure that your potential first home does not have outdated electrical wiring, which can lead to dangerous fires and costly repairs. A home inspector will also locate any possible plumbing problems that can lead to severe water damage and mold growth. An inspection can also save you from replacing HVAC equipment, roofing shingles, or septic systems, since licensed inspectors have the trained eye necessary to locate these severe underlying issues. To reduce your risk of purchasing a money pit, make sure to invest the money and hire the home inspector. Purchasing your first home can be a fun experience, but taking the proper precaution is key to success. With this guide, you can avoid costly, stressful, and overwhelming mistakes when purchasing your first...

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Enjoy A Boost To Your Income With The Right Updates To Your Rental Property

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As the owner to a rental property, it’s your responsibility to set up the home so that it draws in as much attention from potential tenants. If you’re having trouble finding tenants to fill the empty house, it may be time to do some remodeling work. If you’re unsure of how you can modernize your home and even enjoy an increase in rent from tenants, consider some of the following ideas. Modernize the Kitchen and Bathroom Two of the spaces that potential tenants will be looking at when searching for a house or apartment for rent is the kitchen and the bathroom. If the kitchen or bathroom is outdated or in poor condition, you should put these at the top your list for remodeling work. Some ideas for remodeling include replacing the countertops, updating the cabinets, and even replacing the flooring. Since the cost of each of these projects can vary greatly based on the materials and size of the spaces, you need to work out a budget so that you can go forward with the updates. Prioritize New Appliances If you only have a limited amount of money for the remodeling work in the kitchen, it’s best to focus on getting new appliances put in. Everything from a dishwasher to a stove can make a big difference for tenants that enjoy spending time in the kitchen, making it important to replace outdated appliances that may not be in good working condition. Make Sure Covered Parking is Included If your rental home is in a location that allows it, you want to make sure that tenants have covered parking. While street parking can be functional, most renters want to have a safe space for their car to be safely parked, making it a good idea to look into what your options are for covered parking. A simple canopy carport to a full remodel of the garage can both be good options that will greatly improve the rental home and make it more enjoyable for tenants. Bring in More Natural Light Another thing that many tenants are looking for in houses of higher rent is natural lighting. While you can put in as much artificial lights as you want, nothing compares to having natural light beaming into the windows. If the rental home is lacking in windows, you may want to divert some of the budget for remodeling to adding new windows. Remodeling your rental property will make an enormous difference in how quickly you can fill the space in between tenants, and you may also be able to rent out the space for more money than before. For a real estate agent, contact a company such as Charles L Moles Real Estate...

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3 Problems That Could Impact Your Upcoming Real Estate Sale

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So, you are finally ready to move out of your parent’s house and get a place of your own. You know it’s not easy finding and financing your own home. However, you don’t know exactly what problems you may run into along the way. Here are three of them that could potentially cause your sale to go amiss: 1. Stricter Policies on Lending At the start of 2014, the Lending Act was amended so that your monthly debt could not exceed 43 percent of your income each month. If it does, it is going to be hard to qualify for a mortgage loan. The financial part of the process can literally make or break the sale. A significant portion of applications for mortgages are rejected due to the fact that these new policies keep prospective buyers from being eligible. To help combat this from being an issue in your situation, you can get preapproved with a lender prior to making a bid on a home. This will speed the sale up if you’re approved, but you can still be denied. 2. Lower Appraisal Values While the home that you are looking at may have already been appraised, the lender will want to have it appraised again. This is simply to ensure that the most accurate price is being quoted on the home. After all, if your home were to be foreclosed on in the future, the lender wants to ensure that the loan amount doesn’t exceed the fair market value of the property value. In addition, the appraisal value will be used to get your mortgage loan. If it is below what is being asked for by the seller, you may not get as much from the bank. In this instance, Investopedia says that a lower appraisal value will demand that you (the buyer) pay the difference or that the seller adjusts the selling price. If neither agrees, then the lender will not approve the loan. Another option would be to back out of your offer and look for a more feasible property that you wouldn’t be overpaying on. 3. Home Inspections While all lenders will not require a home inspection, it really doesn’t hurt for you to have one performed before you close on a home. A licensed home inspector will examine the home’s electrical and plumbing systems, analyze the property’s structural integrity and more. Unfortunately, this could reveal a cracked foundation, damaged roof, pest infestations, etc. – all of which could potentially result in very extensive and costly repairs and further negotiations with the seller on price. It may even be enough to make you withdraw your offer completely. Prior to putting a house up for sale, a seller should have an inspection done on a home to find these problems themselves so that they can be addressed ahead of time. Some sellers may then choose to list the damage with the listing, pay for the repairs or sell the home as-is, while others will try to hide the problems if they know they existed. Ultimately, it is important to know that no real estate sale is guaranteed once an offer is made. Problems can also crop up at any stage of the process, and the aforementioned three issues are just some of the obstacles that you...

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Trying To Sell An Outdated Property And The Furniture Inside Of It? What To Do For Quick Sales

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If you are getting ready to have an open house or estate sale and you want the house and items inside it to sell quickly, there are a few things you can improve the interest in the property. You don’t want to invest a great deal of money into the house if you are trying to make the most profit possible at the sale, but small changes can get you more money for the property and the items inside. Here are a few of the things you want to consider. Fresh Paint Paint can transform how the entire property looks inside, and it can add value to the home. Choose a light and bright neutral paint color that won’t be attention grabbing and that makes the property look fresh. The paint will cover up spots and blemishes on the walls and give the appearance that the space is more modern. The ceilings should be painted one of the brightest whites you can find, to help the rooms look brighter. Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Having all the carpeting throughout the house and the furniture pieces that you want to sell cleaned will make a big impact. This removes some of the stains and markings on the carpet that appear over time, it improves the smell of the house, and it can make the furniture look clean and newer. You may also want to have curtains and other fabrics in the space cleaned at the same time. The experts can use products that kill bacteria, and the cleaning should improve the texture of the products. An upholstery cleaning company can help with drapes, furniture, rugs, and more. Hardware Change Replace all the old outdated hardware in the bathrooms and kitchens so these areas look updated. If you don’t want to spend the money to buy new fixtures for these spaces, take off the old door hinges, door or cabinet handles, and light fixtures, and spray them with a nickel finish. There are other metallic or stainless steel colored sprays you can get as well. These are small things that are going to make a big difference when people walk through the space and look at the house, and when they look at the furniture items you want to sell. If you have a lot of wood furniture that you want to get rid of and there are scratches or nicks in the wood, get a marker from your local hardware store that is the color of the stain and fill in the...

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Refuting A Couple Of Common Notions About Moving Companies

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Moving to a new home can be a trying and stressful experience for anyone to go through, but it can be an essential step in life. For those that feel they need professional help with their move, it should be noted that there are a number of professional moving services that can provide you with the type of support and service that you need when making this type of life change. Yet, you might be less likely to utilize these services if you are under the impression that a couple of fairly commonly believed myths are true. Myth: Movers Will Always Be Late With Your Possessions A successful move requires excellent timing to ensure that everything goes smoothly. However, there are many people that assume movers have a tendency to be late. While it is true that occasional traffic problems can delay their arrival, you should be relieved to learn that these professionals are bound by a contract to arrive within a specified window of time. If your possessions fail to arrive according to this schedule, you will likely be eligible for a discount off of your final total. Myth: Using These Services Will Result In Surprising Fees Another common concern among some consumers is that moving services have difficult to understand pricing. However, you should be relieved to learn that it was possible to request a quote from these services. When you receive a quote, you will have a detailed summary of the various expenses for the move. While these quotes can be extremely valuable in helping you to make a decision about which moving service will be best, you should be aware that it is possible for the total of these quotes to change. To avoid this issue, you should request a binding quote. The final cost for this type of quote is final, which means you will not be liable for overages incurred by the movers. While some moving services do not offer this type of quote, there are many that do, which means you might need to contact several providers before you find one that fits your needs. Deciding to use professional moving services can be an extremely smart choice on your part, but it can be difficult to come to this decision without the correct information. Making sure that you understand that you are protected in the event the movers are excessively late arriving with your possessions and the importance of requesting a binding quote will help to give you a better understanding about what you should be expecting when using a professional moving service. To learn more, visit a website...

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